Zapier Audit


The PDF of the Mockups are here:

Below is the Timeline for completing the application along with my personal notes (in evernote and linked below):


Friday Night 5/26/2017

Started Application: 9:00pm

Created Webpage: 9:40pm

Finished Initial Application: 9:45pm

Took Anonymous Survey: 9:50pm

Family Time (aka putting kids to bed): 9:51pm – 10:15pm

Doing Preliminary Data Gathering: 10:15pm -11:11pm est

(here is the preliminary notes #1 before doing the wireframes: )

Finished for the Night: Zzzzzzz (off to dream of wireframes)


Here is the second day of effort (mockups included)

This is the process Notes #2: (direct wireframe links below)

Finished The Wireframes. (Sunday 5/28/2017 9:40pm)

I used for the wireframes and the file for that is )
5/30/2017 11am
Recorded a video explaining my process for created the mockups (embeded above)
The requests for finishing the application:

The application:

The goal of these pages is to convert signups. Create a couple wireframe redesigns of that page that you’d like to A/B test to see if they increase signups. Find somewhere to host the wireframes and tell us how to view them. Explain why you think each version might work. *