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Your Most Profitable Day Or Your Money Back!

Maximize your profit per click and revenue per website visitor with a POWER DAY of technical marketing strategies and tactics.

When it comes to optimizing marketing campaigns for maximum profits, there are few people who know more about the science of conversions than Jonathan Drake.
Todd Brown

How well you execute a Technical Marketing Strategy is just as important as choosing the right one to execute.

Imagine in just one day you had all your email dialed in. Your customers and prospects segmented so you can maximize profit per click and revenue per site visitor. Know your “Golden Thread” of your business so you are confident that you are optimizing the right places. Recognize and then obliterate the bottlenecks in the business.

*if you have an email list of over 15k and over 500 customers you can have the strategy on the next page before booking the day that will more than pay for the day in full.

Understand the inner workings of your business at a glance so decisions are data driven instead of continually guessing what is working and just as  importantly what is not.

When you’re ready for more sales, just send an email to specific segments of your audience and you’ve got sales pumping in at a higher conversion rate per click than you are currently getting.

What’s the point of analytics if you can’t fully using them to grow?! You need a solid handle on your strategy, data (both historical and future), and to use the right metrics to really maximize your ROI.
Otherwise things can quickly become super-complicated, and very unprofitable.

All of this done in 1 day, and you profit forever more without paying any sort of royalty or override and benefit from the bonus below which will allow you to book my time at no cost for 60 days after our Power Day.

Jonathan is one of few strategists I know that has the unique ability of drawing wisdom, knowledge, and application from such a diverse, eclectic body of work. He brings to the table a wide array of perspectives and strategies that have not only helped me solve complex problems but those of my clients and colleagues as well.
Jermaine Griggs

How This Works

Starting at 8am you’ll login to our Zoom workshop room. The work starts immediately, first with the research tasks.

  • Understanding Your Most Profitable Customers which most likely drive 80% of your Profits
  • Find the “Golden Thread” in your business (every business has one)
  • Change Your Optin Sequence to Increase Your Opens and more importantly total CLICKS by 10% on EVERY Email
  • Optimize Your Website Performance which translates to more time on page
  • Create a Customer Lifecycle Grid which mines your past customer data to understand layers of customers
  • Evaluate Your Current Tech Stack for cost savings and bottlenecks that are preventing growth
Together we will be filling a Google Drive folder full of material to deploy all year round.
By 10am we take a short bathroom break. Then it’s right into the writing tasks. Together we will be coming up with your retargeting ad copy, branding ad copy, and your lead gen ad copy. As well as your email sequence, social media, & content marketing.
Don’t worry if your social media game is weak so far, we will show you the same method I used to convince millionaires to be FB friends with me. And how I got my blog posts read by thousands, long before I had thousands of followers.
Dozens of clients have been through this power day with me. They are now some of the biggest names in the business.
We break for lunch around 12:30 to 1:30.
After lunch, we are going to get your ad campaigns written, designed, and setup in the ad network. Remember, the goal is to walk away from this with assets ready to deploy immediately.
Finally, at the end of the day we are going help you create a case study that makes clients want to pay you top dollar. Then we are going to install a “2 step sales process” that filters out bad clients and gets the easy clients asking you where to pay.
WARNING! I hate sales calls. If you are hoping this is going to be like those guru funnels where people apply for a free coaching call that’s actually a sales pitch, that’s not this at all.
The sales process I’ll help you install is a simple process that needs one low cost assistant and you only talk to people who are already interested in signing up. Same easy process Karate schools use to get parents to pay without requiring a greasy “closer” chasing them down the parking lot.
We will end the day around 4-5pm depending on how fast everyone moves.
If you can’t handle a full day, please don’t sign up. If you can’t work undistracted, please don’t sign up.
It’s a lot of work, but it’s all done in one day.

How Much Is Your Best Day Worth?

If you hired a typical online business coach for an hour it’s around $1,000/hr. If you hired a copywriter it also would cost thousands.
If you hired a paid ads guy, that too would cost thousands.

You’re getting all of this and more, finished in one crazy packed day, all for just (click the button below to instantly see the price).

No upsell.
No 3 payments.

That’s it, just (click the button below to instantly see the price) for access to the Zoom workshop where you’ll be working together with me directly.

Why so cheap?

Normally I sell 10 Hour Blocks of time for $7,500. Also my clients are millionaires so that’s not a lot of money to them, not with all they get in return.

But with this power day I am going to do extensive prep work so we are able to hit the ground running with actionable items from the very first hour.

That’s why only (click the button below to instantly see the price) for a whole day with me (while also benefiting from the extensive prep work I do getting ready BEFORE the Power Day together).

Over the years Jonathan has put new technology and key innovations on my radar months or even a year before the rest of the world caught on. Just to name a few... retargeting for product launches... high conversions through page speed... email send windows for higher engagement. If you find and attract new clients online and especially if you use email marketing then you should listen to what Jonathan has to say.
Jack Born
Jack Born

But Wait There’s More…

I want to ensure this is the not only a great Power Day but all of the things that are implmented are working for you over the next weeks and months to come.

That is why I am including unlimited weekly calls over the next 60 days if you have any questions or want to make sure that things are setup exactly how you want them to be.

I’ll show you everything and be available 60 days past our Power Day together which will ensure that you get not only the value out of the day but end up referring your friends to sign up (but I plan on increasing the price of the Power Day after the next few people sign up as I know the value exchange is already priced to low from what my past clients have benefited). Not a scarcity tactic but one that you will see happen over the next weeks and months as I get more and more satisfied Power Day clients.

Plus, I’ll also record our day together. That way you have all 8 hours and can go through it year after year to revisit as there will be insights and nuggets that will be worth doing so. You may also want to share specific segments with your team so they can understand the why and not just the how.

I’m so confident you’ll love this that I’m even willing to offer a full money back guarantee.
Sign up for our day together and if by lunch time you aren’t in love with the work we are doing, no worries, just tell me in private and I’ll have my assistant refund your money.
I said it’s your most profitable day or your money back, and I mean that.

Sign Up Today Before My Calendar Is Booked and The Price Goes Up.