What Is A Needle Mover?


1. 80/20 = the most valuable activities you can take to grow your business (increase revenue and profit, and/or market share) resulting in a disproportionate ROI: super high returns for the time (start to finish), money (soft & hard costs), and effort (difficulty and skills required) invested

2. PROVEN = certainty of generating a predictable result

3. ACTIONABLE = cause and effect activities that yield measurable results

4. MINIMUM EFFECTIVE DOSE = only what you need to do, and nothing more to produce the desired result, anything beyond is wasteful

5. THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS = the sequential series of actions you should take next, one at a time

6. MARGINAL GAINS = incremental application of 80/20 activities resulting in compounding exponential business growth

7. RESIDUAL RETURNS = activities done once that continue to grow your business over time (aka foundational)

8. INDEXED = by time, money, and effort required; and expected result