Any business needs to understand the benefits and process of marginal gains.

It was first brought to my attention in an article about the British Cycling Team.  They went from one of the worst to the top team in the sport using this method…(worth reading)

What happened is that they focused on the “little things” like washing of hands

and the type of pillow they used for sleeping. The concept is improve by just 1% everything

related to what you do and it is the aggregation of the 1% that makes the difference.

I believe it goes deeper than this as it forces you to look at what you are doing and decide where to add

the extra 1%.

This applies even more so when the competition is large…thus an online business is a perfect place to implement

marginal gains.  Because they are everywhere. How to Move the Needle has come about partly due to this as I have shared things that move the needle in ways that seem small but when added up will move the needle significantly.

Here is one to start…

Marginal Gains for Business

I have gotten enough feedback that I have created an ever expanding list of

Marginal Gains for an Online Business