Our long term goal is to build a company that exceeds what is currently being offered in the world. We are passionate about changing the world with data science, software, logic, tactics and strategies… we are looking for exceptional people to join us in that mission.

– Work on the most important problems in the field with a team who will challenge and support you.

– Extremely generous salary and equity compensation.

– Health, dental, and vision insurance. We pay 100% of employee premiums and 50% of dependent premiums.

– Healthy, organic breakfast and lunch every day, customized to your diet preferences. (you have to buy it and cook it but we reimburse you.)

– Get to work easily! Our office located wherever you are (this may change in the future but for now remote is how we roll)

– We do something fun and active as a team every week, like soccer, volleyball, badminton, or frisbee!

– Company wireless & internet plan. Never pay a mobile phone or internet bill again.

– Executive and life coaching for everyone. Select between different coaches, depending on what types of skills you want to develop.

– Once a year, we take the entire company (including +1s and kids) on a weeklong vacation to Hawaii. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. This is a perk that my wife likes to know is part of the package.

– We have flexible hours and a family-friendly culture. (Our CEO has 4 children)

Building towards a complete end to end solution for business growth and profitability is our life’s work, and we emphasize sustainability over crunch.

Current Openings:
None (they never are) but you are welcome to apply anyways as we are open to the best of the best being part of our growing team.
Email: [email protected]

*this is a variation of the the job posting by Vicarious

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