Google Postmaster:

How to set it up



What is SPF:

Check for SPF Setup:


How to Set It Up for:

Google Suite:



Drip: *(looks like they are having you authenticate via SPF for Sendgrid after setting up DKIM)



What is DKIM:

Drip DKIM setup:

SendGrid DKIM:

GSuite DKIM:

HelpScout DKIM:


What is DMARC:


Setup DMARC:



My Service to Set this all up:


Email Forensics: (Includes Juiced List and Hard Bounce Recovery)


Blacklist Checker:


Email List Hygiene:




When making changes across the web it is important to clear the web and here is where to do this:

Google Cache Flush

Cloudflare Cache Flush (


Additional Resources and Options:


Email Hourscore – Send when the prospect/client is going to open in batches of 24 (1 per hour)…instead of when you hit the send button


Email Juiced List – Prove to Google (and others) that you have an authoritative email reputation. Give your domain and email reputation a boost on demand


Email Sequencing to Offer – A unique sequence that is based on the action (or inaction) of a contact.


Email Hard Bounce Recovery: Fix this first. This is the first thing I look for when diving into a database. A quick win that has yet to prove me wrong.


Email Hard Bounce Automation: Get notified when a hard bounce happens so it can be corrected sooner instead of later

Email Hard Bounce Segments – Not all those who hard bounce are equal and your outreach is matched to the past history


Database Segmentation: Many ways to segment… I prefer the segment of total clicks, recency of last click and click to sent ratio…(then matched to $)


Customer Lifecycle Grid: The ascention ladder matched with your internal database and not a cookie cutter approach


Product Matrix to Email Segments: Match your email segments to the correct next offer


Orbits 4.0 a modular take on the orbits from Jermaine Griggs:


Email Super Signiture (from Dean Jackson):