Data Driven Decisions Made Simple

You know data driven decisions could 2x your business, but you’re too busy, it’s too complicated, or you simply don’t know where best to start...Until Now

"I was in awe of the suggestions Jonathan made, and he very well may have made the difference whether our new marketing campaign is going to be a failure or a success. " David Klein 

The Power of Visualizing Your Business Data


What will this course do for me?

Know the exact data in your business to get.

Know how to get it.

Know the questions to ask of the data.

Know how to visualize the data to make it easy to make data driven decisions.

Make data driven decisions... (this is the ultimate result that has changed every business I have worked with over the last 7 years)

How will the course be delivered?

4 Weeks

8 live calls/webinars

2 hours of personal 1-on-1 consulting from me. (4 - 30 minute calls)


Why limited people in this initial cohort and How can I join?

I am going to tailor the content to the specific businesses that join.

The 2 bonus hours of me looking at your business with you is not scalable.

ONLY consider joining if you can say yes to all of these:

1. Your business has been in business for a full calendar year.

2. Have more than 1000 total customers (while this may change in the future to a lower number I have found that it is a stretch to make decisions on data sets that are to small.)

3. Want to get started and thus finished in the next 30 days. The schedule is going to be 2 group calls per week and a 30 minute 1-on-1 call per week over the next 4 weeks. This is because I am going to scale up to many more businesses by recording things instead of live.

That is it. I have made it more than affordable and if you are not a great fit for this first group but order anyhow I will kindly refund your money. My goal is to have a great group in this initial cohort (a term we will dive in to in detail) and look forward to having you join. If you have any questions please reach out to me in the way we have most recently communicated.

**If you are one of the many people who have said we should work together but either because of $$$$ or project timing lets make this it.**



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