Needle Movers

What Is A Needle Mover?

NEEDLE MOVERS are… 1. 80/20 = the most valuable activities you can take to grow your business (increase revenue and profit, and/or market share) resulting in a disproportionate ROI: super high returns for the time (start to finish), money (soft & hard costs), and effort (difficulty and skills required) invested. 2. PROVEN = certainty of …

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Split Test Calculator

This spreadsheet is the best I have found to get the real numbers for any split test. statistical_significance_calculator 2      *I got it from here

Retargeting 3.0

Brief History of Retargeting: Retargeting 1.0 = Placing a Pixel         – 95% who use retargeting are doing this Retargeting 2.0 = Segmenting Pixels  – 4.9999% who use retargeting are doing this (A little extra work can save 50% of your budget while increasing profits) Retargeting 3.0 = Laddering Pixels     – 0.0001% who use retargeting are …

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Pixel Swapping

Pixel Swapping (nearly two  three years old and just now sharing in public) What it is: Placing a retargeting pixel of yours on another website/page. What it does: Allows you to Retarget other peoples traffic. You can specify certain pages like a thank you page 😉 Who is it for? Anyone who wants to have …

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Tools I Like and Use

I like / use: (for data), for list cleaning, (surveys), (2 way SMS conversations), (Ecommerce Research Studies like Checkout flow etc), (tech data across the web), (changed how I listen to podcasts in a GREAT way. They have a mobile and desktop and web based apps that all …

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