A Little About Us

Our short & long term goals focus on building a company that exceeds, in several areas, what is currently being offered in the world. We are passionate about changing the world with data science, software, logic, tactics and strategies… we are looking for exceptional people to join us in that mission.

Company Timeline


November 2016

How To Move The Needle - Official Launch

All the past months of work are culminating in the Official Launch in November of several products and services. Look forward to sharing more when they are ready. In the mean time you may consider joining us as we grow. Find out if it is the right fit for you: https://howtomovetheneedle.com/work-with-us/

July 2015 - September 2015

Massive Progress, Documentation, and Development Completed

26+ Needle Movers



Assigned a Score.

Ready to bring them to the world.

Along with the 5 Questions that Jonathan Asks' about every situation.

(Again major guidance from Red Rose of Uberosity)

June 2015

Needle Mover Framework Defined...

1. 80/20 = the most valuable activities you can take to grow your business (increase revenue and profit, and/or market share) resulting in a disproportionate ROI: super high returns for the time (start to finish), money (soft & hard costs), and effort (difficulty and skills required) invested

2. PROVEN = certainty of generating a predictable result

3. ACTIONABLE = cause and effect activities that yield measurable results problem:
theoretical ideas, unclear how to implement

4. MINIMUM EFFECTIVE DOSE = only what you need to do, and nothing more to produce the desired result, anything beyond is wasteful problem:
wasting time doing more than needed

(major guidance from Red Rose of Uberosity)

March  2015

How To Move The Needle

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