Think hard bounces don't matter?

Case Study:

How a seasoned marketer recovered $1.3 million in customers who stopped receiving emails - even though they never opt-ed out.

How many customers are not receiving your emails, even though they want to? Stop losing customers to hard bounces.

Make sure every customer receives every email you send with the Hard Bounce Magic strategy.

Maximize your profit per contact and revenue per email when you use the Hard Bounce Magic strategy.

Jonathan is one of few strategists I know that has the unique ability of drawing wisdom, knowledge, and application from such a diverse, eclectic body of work. He brings to the table a wide array of perspectives and strategies that have not only helped me solve complex problems but those of my clients and colleagues as well.
Jermaine Griggs
When it comes to optimizing marketing campaigns for maximum profits, there are few people who know more about the science of conversions than Jonathan Drake.
Todd Brown

How well you execute a Technical Marketing Strategy is just as important as choosing the right one to execute.

Over the years Jonathan has put new technology and key innovations on my radar months or even a year before the rest of the world caught on. Just to name a few... retargeting for product launches... high conversions through page speed... email send windows for higher engagement. If you find and attract new clients online and especially if you use email marketing then you should listen to what Jonathan has to say.
Jack Born
Jack Born