Here's What I Can Do For You In Just 10 Hours...

Your Needle Moving

"When it comes to optimizing marketing campaigns for maximum profits, there are few people who know more about the science of conversions than Jonathan Drake" - Todd Brown

First, do you use landing pages?

If I'm right, you don't have time for learning all the techy parts of marketing.

That's where I come in.

I do A LOT more than just improve your landing page conversions. I can also improve your email deliverability, segment your customer database by RFM, and make your pages load as fast as lightning.

Hi, I'm Jonathan Drake.

I don't just look good in a Christmas sweater, I'm also the tech guy behind many marketing millionaires.

Marketing Is Getting More Complex

Do you know how retargeting cookies work? Or how to set them up in Google Tag Manager?

What about conversion attribution and enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics.

These are basics of online marketing in 2017 and it's only getting worse.

As more software comes out and technology advances, you'll need a guy like me.

You might already be wishing for a tech guy who understands marketing.

I'm what's called a "Technical Marketer" and that just means I understand what's going on under the hood.

Here's some of the things I do...

  • Pixel sequencing so your retargeting campaigns make you more sales
  • Setup your DKIM and SPF records so that your emails reach the inbox more often
  • All those little things that Google recommends to increase your page speed like minify your CSS and cache your pages etc etc etc
  • Segment your customer database with pivot tables so you know who your biggest spenders and most frequent buyers are
  • Help you setup the marketing automations you read about in a blog post or learned about at a mastermind
  • Run split tests on your landing pages and let you know who the winner is and what you should test next for best results
  • Tracking code setup in Google tag manager so you can fire codes asynchronously and even ad time delays to your pixel fires

In short, what I do is very technical, but can make you a lot of money.

"Jonathan helped me on some very high level strategy for the marketing of our company. I was in awe of the suggestions he made. Jonathan had both technological and strategic recommendations that I would never have thought of in a million years." 
- David Klein

Test Drive My Skills With a Small
10 Hour Project

In just 10 hours I could improve your sales page conversions.

Or in just 10 hours I could improve your email deliverability.

Or maybe you want your customers segmented into biggest spenders and frequent buyers so you can run lucrative 80/20 marketing campaigns.

I don't want to jump into marriage, I want to date first.

I want to make sure you and I work well together and that I can get you big results like others on this page endorsing me.

So let's walk before we run.

Grab a 10 hour package, unleash me on your business, and watch me work my technical marketing magic.


"Jonathan is one of few strategists I know that has the unique ability of drawing wisdom, knowledge, and application from such a diverse, eclectic body of work. He brings to the table a wide array of perspectives and strategies that have not only helped me solve complex problems but those of my clients and colleagues as well" 
- Jermaine Griggs


I proudly stand behind my work.

I know you're going to love the work I do for you, as did all my other clients. However, rest at ease knowing that if I were to do something you were unhappy with I will work until the issue is resolved. 

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