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How To Move The Needle

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Traffic is nice. Revenue is better. Profit is best!

We make online companies more money. Traffic, calls, and leads are great…


… as long as they result in paying clients. We care a lot more about how much money we can make your company than we do about a few vanity metrics.

We’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need improving, and upgrade them to boost your top and bottom line.

Handcrafted Tactics & Campaigns

That generate high-quality leads and paying clients.











Jonathan is one of few strategists I know that has the unique ability of drawing wisdom, knowledge, and application from such a diverse, eclectic body of work. He brings to the table a wide array of perspectives and strategies that have not only helped me solve complex problems but those of my clients and colleagues as well.
Jermaine Griggs
When it comes to optimizing marketing campaigns for maximum profits, there are few people who know more about the science of conversions than Jonathan Drake.
Todd Brown

Ready for more high-quality leads?

How well you execute a Technical Marketing Strategy is just as important as choosing the right one to execute.

There are literally hundreds of ways to drive traffic to your website. Some incredibly effective… others a complete waste of time. Combine the right technical marketing methods with precision implementation and you’ll have loads of site visitors in no time.

You’ve got to have a solid handle on your strategy, account settings, and campaign management. Otherwise things can quickly become super-complicated, and very unprofitable.

We know what makes people click and convert into clients.

Our obsession with testing and optimizing your companies positioning, keyword utilization, audience targeting, and ad messaging makes your ads more relevant to searches. Resulting in strong-performing ads that increase your Quality Scores. Which means lower costs-per-click and higher ad position rankings for better ROI.

Our precision tracking of clicks, impressions, and sessions also quickly identifies the best days and times, multi-touch, and multi-device conversion paths and sequences for your ad campaigns that will outperform anything you’ve done before.

Ready for more paying clients?

Technical Marketing is designed, tested, and proven to grow your company.


Precision Strategy

We know the online industry, and the buying behaviors of people seeking your services. When building effective tactical marketing campaigns that deliver on goals and objectives that matter, our refined strategies capitalize on the highest-leverage opportunities for online companies.


High-Converting Landing Pages

We've built and perfected landing pages that generate more calls and leads. Beautiful, functional, and mobile responsive, our landing pages reduce visitor bounce rates while improving your Quality Scores and AdRanking due to 1:1 message match and one-decision marketing.


Complete Conversion Tracking

We setup and track 20 essential PPC metrics; from call tracking to return on investment. By tracking and analyzing the right metrics, we make data-driven decisions that systematically improve your PPC campaigns and profits.


Conversion Optimization

We continually iterate and optimize your PPC campaigns top-to-bottom by fine-tuning your ad and landing page variations, ad and landing page combinations, bid management, etc. We also duplicate your profitable campaigns to Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook.


Transparent Reporting

We stay in constant communication with clients, set up conference calls as needed, and clearly report on the performance of your PPC campaigns. We review reports together, present relevant findings, and discuss strategic adjustments that can improve your revenue and profits.

Ready to boost your revenue and profits?

Our Technical Marketing services are
not for you if...

You want to spend time learning how to implement effective paid traffic marketing yourself on a small scale.

You’re not willing and able to move and grow fast, or you're not interested in using the newest, most innovative tactics for growth.

You’d rather use your own in-house team; and pick up $9,000+ in software tools, plus send your team to all the "must-attend" marketing conferences every year to keep up with the latest tools, strategies, and techniques.

However, if you want to eliminate all the stress of your technical marketing with a complete, done-for-you service ... we'll be a good fit.

You’ll become part of an exclusive group of clients that get access to the most tested developments in the industry, and our team will take care of everything.

We work with people who:

Our ideal clients:

A few of the companies we work with.

Technical Marketing has only one purpose - to grow your company by making you money.

If it doesn't do that... it's not working right. We fix that.